Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Just a Quickie....

It is January. It is cold. It is still winter and there are still at least 3 more months of it. It sucks. It especially sucks when only a week ago I was enjoying +30 weather in Sunny Florida. I want to go are some reasons why.....

- it was +30 in December
- the Molson Canadian was only $6.00 a six-pack
- the Wal-Mart sold Molson Canadian
- the Wal-Mart was open 24 hours a day
- you can buy beer 24 hours a day
- there is beer at the 7-11
- the 7-11 is open 24 hours a day
- groceries are cheap
- Disney World is there
- it was warm
- there are pools in the back yards
- there were no mosquitoes (if there are mosquitoes during the summer I bet they aren't so big that they could carry your children off like they are here)
- it was sunny
- the humidity felt good
- there is football there....real football, not the CFL
- you can drink beer in the parking lot at the football game
- there is no labour shortage
- there is no snow
- Floridians say "y'all"
- they think our money is "cute"
- you can buy a cell phone for $20.00


Cammy said...

My friend is going to Cuba at end of the month and is looking for someone to accompany her. I need to get my passport.

I bet they need plumbers in Florida and I'm sure you could learn to say ya'll. I don't even think there are metal detectors in the school like in Texas either.