Friday, May 21, 2010

Kickin' It Old School

This is a screen shot (I just learned how to do this recently, I am so impressed with myself) from Google today. You can see that the banner is a Pacman game. It is cool because you can actually play Pacman in the banner.

Roo saw me playing it and wanted to play. I knew that laying around somewhere we had this plug and play game that had Ms. Pacman on it. Off to basement I went in search of Ms. Pacman. I found it and within 5 minutes Ms. Pacman was chowing down on her nemisisisiissssss Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue. I got the first try since I found it. I made it to level 4 even though I can't remember the last time I played. Now Roo is playing. She has never used a joystick in her little life. She is trying to get the hang of it and I have to say I am pretty impressed. She has been playing for only 10 minutes and already she can almost clear level 1. And she knows "all the dosts mames".

Roo is a little frustrated by the fact that she can't move about the room and play this game like she can with the Wii. Damn wires!! If only she knew the horrors us old people had to endure when we were kids. Wires on our video games. Remember when if you wanted to talk to your friends you actually had to call them, or god forbid, go knock on their doors.

Roo isn't the only one kickin' it though. Darian has been going back as well. Her iPod has kicked the bucket and she has had the spare one she had been using confiscated (that is another post for another day) so she has had to resort to using....wait for it....her portable CD player. GASP!! As I type this she is sitting at our dining room table, with her CD player, doing a puzzle! It is like she is 80 years old lol. She better behave herself because if she gets in trouble and loses her CD player I still have a yellow Sony Sport Walkman around here somewhere......and a Furnace Face tape to go with it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Conversations with Roo

Scene: Kaiden is crying after having a door nip his finger tip.

Roo: What happened to Tiny Man?

Me: He hurt his finger in the door.

Roo: Was it his finger or his thumb?

Me: It wasn't his thumb, it was his finger.

Roo: Was it a short finger or a long finger?

Me: I am not sure. It was just one of his fingers. He will be ok.

Roo: Was it his left finger or his right finger?

Me: I am not sure. It was just one of his fingers.

By this time in the conversation Kaiden had long since stopped crying and was off onto the next thing.

These kinds of conversations take place regularly, although they usually involve poop. Did he poop or pee? Was it a big poop or a little poop? What color was it? Always an interesting conversation with Roo!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue Moon

On our recent trip to Arizona I was so excited that I was going to be able to bring home some beer. My favorite beer is called Blue Moon. It is sooooo yummy!! Being that we were driving in an RV with a bunch of crap that was staying in Arizona I thought to fill up all that space with large amounts of cheap U.S. alcohol.

We have been enjoying our Blue Moon here and there since being home. Have I mentioned how I love this beer? No? Well, I love it. I also love my iPhone. I love that I have many apps on it. One of which is called ibeer. It is just a silly little app that when used makes your screen appear as though it is full of beer. If you tip the phone it makes the beer disappear, like you were drinking it.

For some reason Roo loves this app. It is really cute when in the middle of Walmart she takes my phone and yells "look!! I am drinking beer!!". Even better is that you can have it set so that the phone makes loud, obnoxious belching noises after the beer is "done".

Yesterday I realized just how much my love for Blue Moon has been noticed around here. While playing with her ipod (which also includes the ibeer app) Roo offered Camryn a "beer". When Camryn laughed at Roo she must have had a look on her face that said "ok....I'll drink your beer....whatever..." To which Roo replied, almost insulted by her sister's reaction "hey, it's a Blue Moon!!"

My daughter. If she is going to serve you a fake beer at least it is going to be the best of a fake beer.