Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Little Less Excited

So I posted last week about my new appliances.....yeah....they didn't show up. I am steaming mad...and not at dirt.

Apparently when you buy appliances in full 3 months prior to actually needing them in the hopes there is no guarantee that they will actually, in fact, be here when or because you need them. Not only were my appliances not delivered on Thursday, they were not even in the same area code as me on Thursday, they were somewhere.....else. There was no explanation as to why they were not here and being delivered to the house that has not had a stove for over a month. There was also no phone call from Sears saying that they were not going to be delivered because they were not here (although their computer indicates differently. Bastard computer telling nothing but lies.).

They apparently have finally arrived in Edmonton (thank god for the little details) and SHOULD be here sometime between 12-5 (when is Mayor Cammy going to outlaw appointment windows?) and so help them god if they are not here I will be.....well that remains to be seen.

Will update tomorrow sometime between 12-5......I hope.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So Excited~

My new appliances are coming!!! My new appliances are coming!!!

They should be here sometime tomorrow. You will notice that I have only specified "sometime". That is because any place that will deliver anything will only talk to you in generalities when it comes to time. "Yes, we will be there to deliver your (insert something you have paid for here) sometime between when hell freezes over and pigs fly....".

Actually, come to think of it, television and telephone companies also use this method of booking, and I use the term loosely, appointments.

But back to more important things. Sometime tomorrow I will proudly display shiny, new kitchen appliances in my shiny, new kitchen. I am just giddy.

Pics to follow....I promise Cammy.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I don't think that anywhere in the world that I could have found a better Father for my daughters. He is everything and thensome to me and our girls. I wish that there was something that could express exactly how grateful I am to have him. I know it is not much but at least I can tell the whole internet (or at least a handful of people that come to my little corner of it) that I wish my wonderful husband, on behalf of our beautiful daughters, the happiest Father's Day he can have!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Use Your Indoor Voice

I hate the bank. I especially hate the Royal Bank. Today was an occasion that made me loathe that I have money and that it is not underneath my mattress. It was not the bank's fault today though.

I walk through the doors, groaning as usual. I hate this bank for the fact that there are always a million people in line and only 2 tellers. One who goes to smoke between each client like they had just had the best sex ever and the trainee who can't shit without the manager being in on it. Anyway, surprise of all surprises, today they had 5 tellers, the line was actually moving faster than a snail.

I was just standing there, waiting patiently when this annoying, shrill, high-pitched, Minnie Mouse, WAY TOO LOUD FOR A BANK VOICE draws my attention to the business wicket. Minnie Mouse looks like all the other people that go to the business wicket. Perky, blond, skinny, in heels high enough to look down her nose at everyone of us poor suckers in the normal, million person long, line.

She told the poor teller all about how the parking spaces around her building are being developed and how they went from "like 20 spaces to like 3 spaces which totally sucks because I don't want to have to walk like 4 blocks to my building in heels. And there are, like, creepy people who ask you for like money and like cigarettes and stuff". She further went on to explain about how "like Whyte Ave. was like awesome this weekend. Do you like hang out there? I went to...." drone, drone, like drone.

Thank god that the trainee and the smoker were not working today because I am sure that if I had to stand in that line-up any longer I would have like put my like foot up her like ass!!!! Either that or I am sure that she would have moved on to a much more interested topic...say like yeast infections or stuff.

If the poor teller didn't hang out on Whyte Ave before she might just start because clients like Minnie Mouse would surely drive me to drink.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Falling Behind

I have not been able to eat at home for weeks now. At least not anything that hasn't been charred, microwaved or come in colorful packaging that has way too long of a shelf life.

Since the last update (which I can't even remember as it has been so long) I have new drywall, which we got a sweet-ass deal on, new elecrical (think I mentioned that), new sub-floor and a fresh coat of paint.

We needed 2 days and a lot of beer and painkillers to rip up the multiple layers of ancient sub-floor but we finally did it. I am sure that the garbage men are going to be cursing me for months to come as I will put out approximately 2 garbage cans full of said sub-floor until it is all a bad memory.

Our sweet-ass of a deal drywall was completed more than a week ago and I am still sneezing out drywall dust and wiping it off surfaces that I did not even know existed in my house. There are still some spots that look like they have been patched but I guess the fact that my house is older than my parents....well maybe I can let some things slide. Other than the odd spot, I am so impressed with how the new drywall has turned out and even more impressed that he made a ceiling that looked like swiss cheese look nice and smoooooooooth.

On Monday my new kitchen cabinets were delivered. They take up my whole dining room and some of my living room. This would not normally bother me but now I actually have to share my couch with people so that we can all watch the Sens lose the Stanley Cup tonight.

Our cabinet installation was to begin today but as per usual when I am looking forward to something, it has been delayed. The installer is sick and won't make it here until tomorrow. I guess it could be worse but I have had this day in my mind since we ordered our cabinets in March and especially since I have not had a kitchen since May 19. That and the fact that I don't want to have to share my couch. That is why we have 2, one for me and one for Nathan.

We have company from B.C. here right now as well so it makes it very hard to be a gracious hostess when your company is dodging 5 ft. piles of laundry that have been neglected since kitchen reno hell started, a house that has the same amount of order (maybe even less) as say.....your friendly neighborhood crack den and enough boxes in it that you could surely pack every knick-knack that every Grandma in the world owns and still have enough boxes for the Grandmas to be packed up too!!!

So with all that rambling I will sign off for the day. I hope that tomorrow I will have a start to a new kitchen. Once the cabinets are in then I get to take a crash course in tile setting. Can't wait!!!