Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why I Hate Winter

Not because it involves snow, ice and least not directly. But because trying to put mitts on a 2 year old, with thumbs where thumbs belong, is like herding cats....only not as fun.

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Random Stuff

I am a little ticked off because I went and spent myself $2.99 on an app for my ipad so that I could blog from it as my computer was acting all wonky. Installed said app, typed out a blog post, went to preview it and the app crashed! I lost my post and wasted $2.99. Not at all impressed.

I am impressed with Apple though. As mentioned, my computer was acting all silly. I thought that maybe one of the kids had spilled something on my laptop as my trackpad and keyboard were not working as they should. I took my computer to the Genius Bar fully expecting to have to pay to get it fixed. Upon inspection, the Apple Genius noticed that I had some cracking on the top case, which was not at all related to the problems I was having. Apple has a quality warranty on the top case of my laptop because of this cracking so I had the whole thing replaced for nothing!! Now my computer is fixed because the top case replacement also includes replacing the trackpad and keyboard. :)

I get a Per Capita Distribution every year around Christmas and this year it is $1500.00 more than expected!! This will make our vacation that much better!! More Mickey Mouse suckers for my babies. :) More Blue Moon for Momma and Daddy! :)

My friend had a baby 6 weeks ago. I love tiny babies but will not be adding any more to my collection (of once tiny babies). My friend has honoured me with taking care of him a few days a week while she works. I get to have my tiny baby fix and still sleep at night! It is the best of both worlds. :)

Tomorrow is December 1. We don't have that much snow here and the temperatures have been great for November. Although I am sure that this means that winter will last until June, it is nice that it has been so mild since we could be knee deep in snow and have lived through a few bouts of -30 weather already in a more typical year.

Things have been going well with all the kids lately. D is improving her behaviour again, C is just ticking along, doing well in school. My Roo is getting to be such a big girl, doing well in school and she loves her Tiny Man so much. Tiny Man is talking so well. He is starting to listen and understand direction more which makes it much more enjoyable to leave the house with him. I am a very lucky Momma.

That is all for head is swimming with thoughts but I just can't seem to make them come out coherently....I think I need a nap. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Quickie...

Thats what she said...

So, in a nutshell.

We are having some issues with D again. Not sure where the mental illness ends and the PITA teenager begins but it has been a rough couple of weeks. We are attending a family therapy session tomorrow so I am really hoping for some suggestions. D has a way of falling back into the same patterns and issues that we have previously dealt with, but me....I am no longer just worried and upset with her. I am angry. Very. Very. Angry. This is different for me as I am very apt to just try to make things better for immediate time. More on that later, moving on....

Christmas is coming. Way too soon. I know that I will be getting some money, which is good what with the fact that we told our kids we are going to Disneyland and all. I just don't know when I will have said money and I have even less of an idea of what little presents to buy for the kids for under the tree.

We are going into a therapy appointment as soon as I hit publish. Thought I would type just to say I did.... :)

Hope to update in more detail soon.