Monday, November 24, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

I do believe someone would get their ass kicked if they said that.  Let the ass kicking begin.

Monday.  The beginning of the week....a very important week.  Payday week.  Week 10 of pregnancy.  Week 13 of the NFL.  Week of Happy Macy's Parade/Football Day to our American friends.  Well if any of those things are important to you then it would be an important week.

A week in which I am hoping to once again begin to feel human and not sloth-like.  I was all ready to do laundry this morning (as planned yesterday) and then my plans got rail-roaded by a feverish little girl.  Last night I picked up Ryleigh after she had cereal for supper...again (it is the only thing she will eat lately, but at least it is something).  Ryleigh was boiling hot.  Her temperature was almost 102.  We broke out the tylenol just to discover it was expired, just like my prenatal vitamins.  Me thinks it is time to clean out the medicine cabinet.  Fast forward a bit.  My Dear Nathan bought new tylenol, we gave her a shot and hoped that it would help her sleep comfortably.  Well, it did make her comfortable....comfortable enough to stay up until after midnight watching cartoons in my bed while My Dear Nathan slept beside her and I slept on the couch.

I did not do laundry this morning.  I went to sleep while Ryleigh watched cartoons in my bed but this time she slept after a few shows too.  She still had a bit of a fever left but she seems good to go now.  She is good enough to have mimmi-uuush (mini-wheats) for lunch, followed by a bag of cheetos.  All necessarily served in a beebee bow (baby bowl) as the normal bowls are totally unsatisfactory.

This week is also the week that my maid service ends.  Maid service you ask?  How do piss poor people afford maid service?  Well I have a maid thanks to a new route of punishment that I am taking.  Darian had gotten herself into trouble at school and rather than take the grounding route which is not effective on a girl that does not go out anywhere I chose to make her my personal maid for 2 weeks.  I figure that she may not think of it as a punishment but thought that after 2 weeks of being at my beck and call for anything from getting me a drink to washing my floors that she would think twice about fooling around in school.  If nothing else it got some of the housework done.

It is now 2:00 and I am awake.  I should find something more to eat and actually get my ass downstairs to do laundry.  Apparently no one has clean socks....I never know because I don't wear them.  Have a nice Monday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Appointment

I went for my first prenatal check up this morning.  Ryleigh did not think it was that exciting.  In fact, it really wasn't that exciting.  I got some paperwork to get needles (I hate needles), I got felt up and I peed in a cup.

I am just over 9 weeks so I didn't think that I would get to hear the baby's heartbeat and I was right.  The nurse practitioner wasn't even going to try due to how not far along I am but decided to give it a shot because apparently my uterus is large.  I guess you would say that is a good sign.

I still don't really feel pregnant.  I am just tired.  I could easily chalk it up to the time of year as it always screws me up.  Short days + no sunshine =  tired Nancy.  No pregnancy needed in that equation.

I will go again in 4 more weeks.  I hope by then I feel something.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I cannot believe it is November already.  That means that winter is going to be here soon and I don't much care for winter.  It is cold and snowy and just yucky all over.  

One reason that I am glad that it is November is that I am now less than 2 months away from our trip to Florida.  I can't wait.  I hope that it is nice and warm and sunny in Florida while it is the complete opposite here in Wintertown.

My Dear Nathan will get a few extra days off in November which will be nice on everything except the bank account.  The bank account has taken a hit as of late due to broken ankles, short notice trips to Las Vegas and assholes who break into my van and garage and take my can stash.  The short notice trip to Vegas wouldn't have been so bad had I won a big jackpot like I was supposed to!!  I guess I will have to try harder next time. ;)

November will also see the first of many doctor appointments for me.  I go for my first prenatal checkup on the 18th.  I am excited and so hope that I hear this baby's heartbeat.  I didn't hear Ryleigh's heartbeat on the first visit but she was determined to do everything differently...nothing has changed.

November is also the month that I plan on continuing the many renovations that need to be finished around here.  I have advised My Dear Nathan that I want the main floor of our house completely renovated by the time this baby arrives.  We will be putting Ryleigh into the bigger bedroom, which will need to be painted again, so that baby can have her room.  The list is long but I think we can do it.  It will involve many cans of paint, a few swear words and eventually new floors.  I hope.  If not...I am moving.

Where has this year gone?  Has it gone by as fast for you as it has for me?