Thursday, October 11, 2007


I haven't been doing very well with this whole blog thing. It seems that the only time that I think of anything worthwhile to write about is when I am lying in bed at some godawful time of the night when normal people are sleeping. I guess I could get up and actually come to the computer, all of maybe 20 ft. away from my bed, but that would take too much effort. That and it is about 10 degrees colder in this room than it is in say....the Arctic. That makes it very hard to want to get out of bed....even for something as entertaining as posts like this.

I think that right now my life is just not as exciting as it previously has been. I have 3 cats with all 4 legs, a functioning kitchen, Awesome Father-In-Law hasn't been around much and over all things have been running smoothly here.

Although I guess I could blog about my neighbor who yelled at me for smoking on my own front step or the halfway house for all of Edmonton's teenage population across the street or maybe even about Nathan's hair, or lack thereof. The possibilities really are endless.

Now if I could only get some heat to this room we could be cooking.