Saturday, September 16, 2006

Since When Was School So Hard?

I apologize to my fans (Cammy, Rachelle, Jay....shouldn't I be rich by now with all these fans?). Anyway.... I thought that when "the girls" [Darian and Camryn, my older daughters...for the new fans...(I can hope, can' t I?).] went back to school that my days would be smooth sailing...wake up...feed baby...sleep...feed baby...sleep some more...feed baby...and so on and so on.

Well that is the way it works...UNTIL... the kids come home from school. I forgot how much homework I had to do. "Please read to your child...who can read to you...who can tell you what a bad parent you are because their teacher told them that your parents should read to you every day for at least x amount of hours per day...

Don't get me all know that I value knowledge and I am a stronger advocate for going to school now than I ever was when I actually should have gone but...GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I DIDN'T DO THIS MUCH HOMEWORK TO GRADUATE OR FOR ANY OTHER REASON!!!

oh wait a minute....I never did graduate. But I did get "accepted" by an institution of "Higher Learning", that does count for something, does it not?

Anyhow...the whole point of my rant was that now that my older children are at school being "edumacated" I think that I have to do more homework than I ever did before!!! It is my responsibilty to make sure that they recognize that they are emergent writers and that they recognize when they make the jump to nobel prize winning should be somewhere in between the two, but I have to tell them.

At the recent "Meet The Teacher Night" I learned that my children will be and are smarter than I am... and that the difference between an emergent writer and a nobel prize winning writer is what they know and what I know and that I am supposed to know what that is and if I don't recognize when or what that is and when that it is happening...well kids are going straight to hell...or at the very least, detention and they are not going to graduate.

I can't wait until Ryleigh starts school....