Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 4? 5? I lost count already.

We have been hard at work. The kitchen is down to studs, ugly paint and 2 layers of ugly floor. The electricians are here as I type giving me more outlets...YAY!! Now I won't have to make my kitchen a fire hazard with extension cords and 6 outlet plug-ins!! Joy of all joys!!!

Next on the list is to pull up not one, but two layers of sub-floor with linoleum older than my kids and cats combined. After that we need to re-drywall (note to self: hire a taper), have Nathan install sink so as to have running water, set up make-shift, survivor-like kitchen, paint, clean, (entertain Awesome Father In Law), clean some more and count down the days to cabinet installation. I am sure that in between all of that I should also do something with my clothe them, feed them, talk to them, stuff like that.

Isn't kitchen renovation exciting?

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Beginning of the End

It is Day 2 already. Day 2 of kitchen renovation hell. I have been excited, nervous and stressed out all at the same time for the last 3 months. From the day that we ordered our new kitchen cabinets I have been all these things.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end. I finished (well 99% finished) packing all of our kitchen into open boxes. Everything haphazardly thrown into a box and moved into what was once my dining room. The stove was cleaned and gleaming for it's new owners to come and pick it up (and they got a hell of a deal on it).

We have pulled down ugly plastic light covers and ugly chair rail only to find out that the ugly yellow paint is over what at one point in time was ugly wallpaper to match the ugly cabinetry. UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. I keep reminding myself how lovely and modern my new kitchen will be with its lovely charcoal maple cabinetry and it's lovely new stainless steel appliances.

Yes, we are at the beginning of the end of ugly in our house. Now if only the end wasn't so far away and so much work.

*I would love to add a picture of the ugly but something is not right in blogger land right now.....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


are the months in my sidebar en espanol?

Impending Crazy

I think that I am starting to go crazy. I am unsure if I am being totally irrational or not but I know that the anxiety attack that I can feel building inside me is there.

I really need to get away or maybe that is not what I need....see....I can't even decide that. Going somewhere would require leaving my house and even that is getting to the point where I really need to convince myself to do it. I need to meet some new people but I have forgotten how to make friends. Where are all the people that I have something in common with? Am I just that odd that I am totally alone?

I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS!!! I just want to pull away from everyone and everything but Nathan won't let me (which I am sure is a good thing).


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Damn Facebook

Does anyone know where my desire to do anything other than surf Facebook went? I lost it. I have laundry to do, supper to cook and oh yeah, those 3 little people that live with me....they would like their mother back.

I find it fascinating that I have become so consumed with this Facebook thing. I have heard from a few people that I honestly never thought that I would see or hear from again. People that I actually liked and am happy to hear that they are doing well. Then there are people that I would like to converse with but I am sure that they could care less that I still populate the earth.

And then there are the people that I went to elementary school with. I have looked through their profiles and viewed their friends and they are still friends with the same damn people that they were friends with 20 years ago. Which, in and of itself, is not a bad thing but I know that they were (and may still be) a clique due to the exclusion of others. I am finding that the way they portray themselves on Facebook is exactly the way that I remember most of them to be in school. I am not sure why I give a shit about this. I think that I find it amusing more than anything else.

Oh well. The novelty will wear off eventually and I will again go back to not caring where various people that I haven't thought about in 20-something years are or what they are doing. I will be happy that people that I did give a damn about are doing well. I will be happy when my new addiction reverts back to the old one.
(Do I really sound as retarded as I think I do?)