Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 4? 5? I lost count already.

We have been hard at work. The kitchen is down to studs, ugly paint and 2 layers of ugly floor. The electricians are here as I type giving me more outlets...YAY!! Now I won't have to make my kitchen a fire hazard with extension cords and 6 outlet plug-ins!! Joy of all joys!!!

Next on the list is to pull up not one, but two layers of sub-floor with linoleum older than my kids and cats combined. After that we need to re-drywall (note to self: hire a taper), have Nathan install sink so as to have running water, set up make-shift, survivor-like kitchen, paint, clean, (entertain Awesome Father In Law), clean some more and count down the days to cabinet installation. I am sure that in between all of that I should also do something with my clothe them, feed them, talk to them, stuff like that.

Isn't kitchen renovation exciting?


Cammy said...

Better yet, include them in the mayhem. They're never to young to paint!

Cammy said...

or drywall, or tape, or learn how to do plumbing.

Danica said...

Good Luck with the renos!

Cammy said...

Um, isn't it like day 15 or something by now? New post??