Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Impending Crazy

I think that I am starting to go crazy. I am unsure if I am being totally irrational or not but I know that the anxiety attack that I can feel building inside me is there.

I really need to get away or maybe that is not what I need....see....I can't even decide that. Going somewhere would require leaving my house and even that is getting to the point where I really need to convince myself to do it. I need to meet some new people but I have forgotten how to make friends. Where are all the people that I have something in common with? Am I just that odd that I am totally alone?

I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS!!! I just want to pull away from everyone and everything but Nathan won't let me (which I am sure is a good thing).



Cammy said...

Go out! I totally get like that two and the best cure is always to get out - then I remember that I actually do like people.

Cammy said...

ugh, too.