Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Little Less Excited

So I posted last week about my new appliances.....yeah....they didn't show up. I am steaming mad...and not at dirt.

Apparently when you buy appliances in full 3 months prior to actually needing them in the hopes there is no guarantee that they will actually, in fact, be here when or because you need them. Not only were my appliances not delivered on Thursday, they were not even in the same area code as me on Thursday, they were somewhere.....else. There was no explanation as to why they were not here and being delivered to the house that has not had a stove for over a month. There was also no phone call from Sears saying that they were not going to be delivered because they were not here (although their computer indicates differently. Bastard computer telling nothing but lies.).

They apparently have finally arrived in Edmonton (thank god for the little details) and SHOULD be here sometime between 12-5 (when is Mayor Cammy going to outlaw appointment windows?) and so help them god if they are not here I will be.....well that remains to be seen.

Will update tomorrow sometime between 12-5......I hope.


Cammy said...

Did I ever tell you about the time Jason and I were fighting and he told me I was steaming mad? I yelled back "yeah, I'm the fucking rug doctor" then we both started laughing our asses off. I don't remember the fight (it was like 12 years ago) but I'll never forget that.