Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ok so I have not been the best blogger as of late but in my defence....well there is none. I have just been slacking.

Currently I am not at home. I have been playing cowgirl (ok not really) at the Calgary Stampede. Actually I have been playing "I have money" which I don't. We took the girls the other day and spent $300.00!!! It really didn't take that long, especially when you consider that we spent $25.00 to park. Parking at the Stampede requires financing. We paid $30.00 to park for the parade...yep $30.00 for 3 hours of parking. Welcome to downtown Calgary!!! YAHOO....

Darian, Camryn and I went to the Stampede by ourselves last night. I took them to see Good Charlotte and then go on some more rides. We did not get back to my parents until 1 am. I am so done Stampedin' for the year. It is always fun but very tiring. We didn't even go do all the things that we normally do. I only went to one Stampede breakfast, we didn't have any free lunches and I only ate bannock once!!

You will notice that my Stampede experience is generally related to food. That is because I am a huge wimp and do not go on rides. I watched with awe and fear last night as my children went on ride after ride that flip them, twirl them, soak them and generally make them giddy. The smiles that they had on their face make me smile just thinking about them. Camryn is so happy that this is the year that she grew big enough to go on most of the rides that she wanted to. I think that Darian really enjoyed being the big sister taking her little sister on all the "big" rides.

The thought of my kids going on some of these rides just about had me in tears last night. I was doing my best to keep a happy face on though. I don't want my kids to have any fear of amusement park rides because let me tell you how boring it is stand around with all the bags while you watch everyone else scream with fear and joy.

Anyway...there is more to this story but I have to tend to the kids for the moment. We are spending our last few hours together before I head home on the bus and they stay with Grandma and Poppa for the weekend. I can't wait.....sleep will be so sweet without having to worry about getting up with the baby. Maybe I will recover from being so exhausted in time for Capital Ex.


Cammy said...

Bad Blogger! Actually, I think everyone should have a free pass in summer.