Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blue Moon

On our recent trip to Arizona I was so excited that I was going to be able to bring home some beer. My favorite beer is called Blue Moon. It is sooooo yummy!! Being that we were driving in an RV with a bunch of crap that was staying in Arizona I thought to fill up all that space with large amounts of cheap U.S. alcohol.

We have been enjoying our Blue Moon here and there since being home. Have I mentioned how I love this beer? No? Well, I love it. I also love my iPhone. I love that I have many apps on it. One of which is called ibeer. It is just a silly little app that when used makes your screen appear as though it is full of beer. If you tip the phone it makes the beer disappear, like you were drinking it.

For some reason Roo loves this app. It is really cute when in the middle of Walmart she takes my phone and yells "look!! I am drinking beer!!". Even better is that you can have it set so that the phone makes loud, obnoxious belching noises after the beer is "done".

Yesterday I realized just how much my love for Blue Moon has been noticed around here. While playing with her ipod (which also includes the ibeer app) Roo offered Camryn a "beer". When Camryn laughed at Roo she must have had a look on her face that said "ok....I'll drink your beer....whatever..." To which Roo replied, almost insulted by her sister's reaction "hey, it's a Blue Moon!!"

My daughter. If she is going to serve you a fake beer at least it is going to be the best of a fake beer.


Stacey said...

lol that's awesome!!!