Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Weather Sucks!

It is insanely freaking cold today. Like the world is my deep freeze kind of cold. In anticipation of this lovely winter weather we are having I went grocery shopping on the weekend when it was not so.....cold. Did I mention it is cold here?

I picked up the usual things and casually glanced down the cat food aisle. I thought to myself that Camryn had not mentioned that we needed cat food so I would not bother to buy any. I never know how much cat food we have because it is kept in the basement which I try to avoid because if I am down there it means I am doing laundry and well....that is just not very much fun.

This morning, my dear Nathan came upstairs after telling the kids to stay in bed because they were not going to school today. He informed me that the cats (I have 3...I know....I am dumb) had no food and that even though it is too cold for me to drive the kids to school, I would have to, at some point in the day, put on my big girl panties and go outside. To the grocery store. For nothing but cat food. Uggg.

Knowing that I had to go out anyway I decided that I would attend the morning Weight Watchers meeting. I have been going in the evening but hell, at this temperature I am only going out once. I bundled up in my warmest, and coincidentally ugliest, clothing and headed off to the Weight Watchers meeting. Uggg again. I should have stayed home.

Last week I was down 5.4 lbs. I was so happy with myself, I kicked ass, took names and even drank some beer on the weekend before weigh-in. Thinking that since I had gotten away with it last week, I could continue to drink beer on the weekend, and eat lasagna (but damn was it good!!!), and potstickers, and drink Strongbow and then drink more beer. I was wrong! I put on 2.something pounds.

I don't think that I was wearing 2.something pounds worth of warm, ugly clothes and I am fairly certain that I did not eat 2.something pounds worth of breakfast. I am blaming the beer, not the lasagna because it was too yummy to be mad at. The worst part is that I know this weekend will be another bad one as it is Superbowl weekend and I can't watch the Superbowl without drinking some sort of beer. I will just have to plan for it I guess. I will use all my points on beer and not eat that day. Sounds like a great plan!

I suppose that I could say that the extra poundage was my insulating layer due to the cold weather. Yeah, I think that I will go with that...makes me feel better.


Cammy said...

You know there is some kind of difference between morning and evening. Doesn't ww still have flex points? Can't all flex points be beer related?

And ow!

Emma in Canada said...

That WW is a bitch! I lost 5 lbs my first week and then less a pound the next week. Then I got pregnant and just gained. Sucks.
You'll get back on track. Unless you get pregnant of course.