Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Stuff

First of all, things are good in the world of work. We are officially on the go list for our trip to Florida!! Yay!! Happy, happy!! Meeting this morning went well. They have now implemented a seniority policy in regards to vacation but we are grandfathered in....good stuff. Let the count down begin!!!

This past Tuesday I went to my first Weight Watchers weigh in meeting (well it was my second but first after being on the program). I lost 5.4 lbs this week....even with all the bad beer drinking that I did over the weekend. I have managed to eat breakfast every morning, which for me, is a huge deal! I am motivated and I want to stay that way. I don't want to have to hope and pray that the seatbelt on the airplane will fit around my huge ass.

Last friday, Darian had her first ever basketball game. She is part of the Junior team at her school. The girls that they played against had obviously played as a team on previous occasions and you could tell that our girls were a tad bit intimidated but by the end of the game they had found some confidence and even managed to make a basket. Congrats to Darian and her team. I was a proud Mamma that day. I watched my daughter become part of a team, try her hardest and most important, have fun! I can't wait for their next home game!

Camryn is spending the day today skiing. She was very excited this morning as I dropped her off for school. I am sure that it is all about spending a day on the slopes but it certainly doesn't hurt that she will not have any homework tonight. At lunchtime she will be able to enjoy a nice warm hot chocolate because today Mommy didn't forget to give her some spending money. Another reason for her to rejoice!

This week both my older daughters surprised me as they are excited for Nathan and I to go on our trip. They know that they are not coming with us but that does not get in the way of them seeing that we need some time to be Nathan and Nancy and not just Mommy and Daddy. It is not all total selflessness though, they are already compiling a list of things that we are to bring back for them.

Ryleigh. She is 18 months old and refuses to talk. She knows that we can all figure out what she needs through different grunts and noises. She is also a very good pointer. I figure that I should enjoy that she has yet to talk back and just go with the flow. She will talk when she needs money as there is never any of that just laying around for her to point and grunt at.

Today things are good. Things are calm, although somewhat disorganized. I think that I will go and work on that while I have a little quiet time. Besides my parents are coming this weekend, I have to make it look like I do something other than surf the net all day.


Cammy said...

Congratulations all around! Woo hoo!