Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spoiled Brat

This May we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. We have never really done anything for our anniversary. On our first we did rent a room at the Fantasyland hotel, but it was only for one night and we were only 5 minutes away from home. Not really a momentous trip.

This year, being that it is our 10th, I want to go away. I want a real anniversary trip. Did I mention that I also did not get a honeymoon? It sucked. I have decided that we are going to go back to Florida. I want to go to Disney without the kids (I know, I know....I am a horrible Mother), I want to have my husband all to myself for more than the 5 minutes we get on any given day (sleeping together does not count) and I want to because I want to dammit!!!

I have already booked our trip. We will be gone for 5 glorious days. Nathan wanted me to wait to make sure that he could get the time off of work but I said that with there being 4 months notice that it should be OK. Well, turns out I may have been wrong. There are only 6 guys in total at the company that Nathan works at. One of them will be in school in May, which means that he cannot work. The other one, I found out, takes an annual bike ride on the weekend that we are going. Big Boss Man is going on a vacation at that same time as well. All in all, it means that there will only be 2 guys to cover work for 3 days if Nathan is not there.

Right now I am feeling kind of bad about it. I know that we should have asked first but I also know my husband....he wouldn't fight for the time off even though he says that he wants to go as bad as I do. He would just roll over and accept defeat. This is why I deal with any kind of confrontation. I don't want to have to put off my vacation, my one and only 10th anniversary that I am going to get.

I feel like a big spoiled brat....I want what I want, when I want it. And dammit, I am going to get it. The trip is booked and I am not going to cancel. They can hire my kids to work for them while we are gone since they are not coming. Sheesh, not only am I a spoiled brat but a horrible parent too. This day sucks.


Cammy said...

That totally sucks! Hope everything works out. Oh and ummm I can always go with you if Nathan can't (woohoo that's the 10th aniversary you were dreaming about, I know it).

Emma in Canada said...

No you are not horrible!

My friend goes to Vegas twice a year with her husband (before that they used to just hotel it in the city for a weekend). She very rightly points out that they are very dedicated parents for 2 boys in hockey and baseball and everything else that kids do and that if they don't take some time for themselves, eventually they will all suffer for it. Had I the money I would be out of this city in a shot! Without the kids.

Mamma Schmoo said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement Emma! I just need to focus on the end goal right?

Cammy, I told Nathan of your generous offer and he said sure as long as you buck up!

Cammy said...

Deal. Read this as only a soft commitment contingent on time off and funds :)