Friday, December 14, 2007


Tis the season to be all believin' in things. A giant fat man in a red suit with an army of little green elves, flying reindeer, goodwill towards men and peace on earth. I would like you to stretch your imagination and perhaps believe, just for a second, in a very special fairy.

The story goes like this (I am sure that I will miss some details but you will get the picture) fine sunny day, many years ago, a hardworking Man dragged his tired ass home from another long day at the beer warehouse. It had been a particularly hard day being that he was hungover and worked in a gigantic building full of empty beer bottles and cans, you can imagine the smell.

At the end of the long day and with thoughts of dinner and bed, the tired Man pulled into his driveway and noticed something in his way. Being that he was a curious man, he stepped out of his car and walked over to the object standing between him and his dinner. What he found was a video cassette. There was no box, the title sticker had been ripped off but it looked to be in otherwise good condition. Not thinking of anything more than what awaited him inside the Man parked his car and crawled into the house. Without a thought, he dropped the video on the stairs and carried on with his business.

The next day, while cleaning, the Man's wife came across this mysterious video tape which was decidedly out of place. The wife wondered what was on the tape and why it was on her stair. She made a mental note to ask her weary husband what he knew of this tape and continued with her day.

Later that evening, after the Man was fed and watered, the Wife inquired about the strange video. The Man explained to her that he had found it laying in the driveway, picked it up and brought it in the house with nary a second thought. At this point both the Man and his Wife were intrigued as to what was on the tape. They both agreed that they needed to know and without wasting another second they popped the tape into their VCR.

What happened next was enough to knock them off their couch. They stared at the television in disbelief! How could it be? How could they be so fortunate? They knew that they had been visited and rewarded by a very special fairy. This fairy is not very well known and many people dismiss this fairy as purely myth but to this day the Man and his Wife will vigorously attest to her existence.

What they discovered that day is that the Porn Fairy had visited and delivered the most special kind of porn.....driveway porn! That's right!!! Driveway porn!!! The Man and his Wife must have been on their very best behaviour that year to have been blessed with a visit from the Porn Fairy.

It is at this time of year, while we all await a visit from the Big Red Man, who comes bearing gifts that I ask you to extend your belief in a little known fairy. Who knows? Maybe if you believe hard enough and are always nice you too will be rewarded with a special treat in your might even be good enough for a dvd!


Cammy said...

I knew it was porn!

Rachelle said...

I totally forgot about the porn fairy! thanks for making me giggle at a very long boring day