Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Tomorrow will be another busy day.

My little Roo is off to her 2nd day of kindergarten. Camryn should find out her junior high options and I need to decide if I am willing to front $150.00 for Darian to take her Math 10 course via correspondence.

Roo is excited about going to school again. She already has made her snack request. We bought her new shoes today for her indoor shoes. Grandma bought her some new tie up shoes but we didn't have enough time to teach her how to tie them. We will bring them home and make them her new outside shoes after the all important tying lessons.

Camryn is anxiously awaiting the options part of junior high. She wants to take band. I am so proud as a former band geek! :) She wanted to learn how to play the drums but was told by the band teacher that all students need to take up a wind instrument for at least the first half of the year. I have to admit I smiled a little inside when he said that. I was not really looking forward to drum practice. I have no doubt that she will excel at whatever instrument she chooses. She has taken piano for the last few years and has been asked by her teacher to write the first Royal Conservatory exam. Colour me a proud Momma.

Darian has been doing well. She is motivated to do well this year in school. She wants to catch up on what she missed out on last year after we took her out of school. This is where the decision to take Math via correspondence comes in. She has permission to do it but I need to pay a $150.00 deposit for her to do. I know that she is capable I think I just need to see her settle into school and see the motivation she has right now continue on for a good few weeks before I make the decision. That is a lot of money for us.

Tiny Man is so funny. I worried about how he would be when Roo started school but for the one day she has gone, he was fine. Roo and Camryn spent the last 2 weeks of August with Grandma so he had some practice being alone with just Momma. I bought him some training pants today in hopes of starting the potty training. I am not going to push but thought that it wouldn't hurt to see if he had any interest.

I will say that I am waiting to hear on whether or not I qualify for a student loan. If the answer is no, then disregard this statement. If the answer is yes.....well then I have another post for another day.

Hope all of you in blogland that find your way here have had good days of late and if you have students, that the start of your new school year has been a good one!


Anonymous said...

I commented earlier but it never took. Maybe because I forgot my blogger password :( Anyway, my core message was welcome back. So happy to see you in the bloggosphere and even more happy to hear that things are on the upswing.