Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was so dreading the day that I would have to send Roo to kindergarten. She is the only one of the kids (besides Tiny Man, so far) that I stayed home with right from the get-go.

I couldn't believe that already it was time to send her to school. I cannot believe how fast the last 5 years have flown by. I was worried about how it would be with no one to help me entertain Tiny Man.

I have to admit that I am enjoying my one on one time with Tiny Man. By the time that we get home from dropping off Roo to the time that we have to go and pick her up we are only home alone for about 2 hours. He is such a different boy when he is by himself. He will play quietly and entertain himself. He will ask me to play trucks with him. And I always have an escort to the bathroom.

As much as I love summer time I am enjoying having a routine of sorts. Right now My Dear Nathan is working a compressed work week so it is nice to have him home for an extra day a week. It will only be for a month but I will take it. I have found that all of sudden I am needing to go to bed at a decent hour in order to be up and busy all day long. Must be getting old. I can't function on only 5 hours of sleep a night anymore. Having an extra set of hands on Friday only makes things easier.

I am still running the Parents and Tots program at our community league this year. I have decided instead of feeling like I am wasting time there to use it to do crafting that I feel guilty doing at home. I now have 2 hours a week to dedicate to crafting (assuming that I am by myself with Tiny Man. If I have company, great!!) I totally enjoyed myself this morning, and again, Tiny Man was so good by himself. :)

So for all the change that has happened here I am adjusting and learning that the changes that are happening can be good. I feel like I am evolving as a parent and as a person. Learning what is important to me and my family. A happy, rested Momma makes for a much better day. That is a great adjustment.