Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Name....

is Nancy and I have a problem. I am a Disney-holic.

I did have plans today. I was going to clean Tiny Man's room. Make his upper bunk, pick up and sort through toys, sweep and wash the floor and maybe attempt at putting his curtain back up since he ripped it down months ago.

Instead of doing any of that I have spent all morning (with the exception of a long overdue visit with Leanne) reading about, dreaming about and wishing I could be in, Disney.

I have been reading the forums, looking at pictures, planning our next trip and just engrossing myself in Disney. The only thing that I haven't done that I usually would, is listen to DisRadio. Maybe this afternoon. Or maybe I will figure out a million dollar idea that will result in me living in Disney. Yes, that sounds like a great plan for the afternoon.

Or I could clean....that is way more fun.


Anonymous said...

You and me should join Disneyaholics annon. lol
Love reading your blog