Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I spend entirely too much time watching television. I discovered that my schedule is fully booked now that the fall seasons are starting and football has started. Add to that hockey starts in a few weeks.

Sorry kids....blame your Papa for getting me to sign up for the full satellite package again. :/

My Dad had moved and was working the U.S. for some time. The plan was for my Mom to go down there with him after their house here in Canada sold. In the meantime, my Mom had packed up their whole house and all the bills had been pared down to the absolute basics. Internet and all those pesky things, like water, electricity and gas. They had the satellite disconnected because my Dad is the tv watcher in the house....and well, he was gone.

Fast forward a few months (just in time to leave the Arizona heat for an Alberta winter....figure that one out???) and now my parents have grand plans of moving.....somewhere....when their house sells. They want to watch tv but do not want to have a satellite contract. My Dad asks me to add his receiver to my bill. No problem. I am not sure if it is legal or not but that is another story. Then he asks what kind of programming we have. In an effort to save some coin we cut back our satellite service over a year ago. We had more than peasant vision but we aren't high rollers here.

Along with all the pertinent information for the receiver, my Dad has passed along the channel line up that he would like. My bill is set to go from under $70.00, taxes and extras included (pre-NFL Sunday Ticket) to almost $150.00 before tax (still not including Sunday Ticket). So I set everything up as he requested. My parents have helped us out tremendously and he is willing to foot half the bill, so I obliged.

The only reason my Dad has called me in the past 3 days is to keep adding to the satellite package!! I now have all the sports channels in SD and in HD. I have lived over a year with no sports channels. I have the internet. What the hell do I need to see clown make up Darren Dutchyshen in real life for? Or the guy on Sportsnet Pacific?? That guy should be on radio, not HDTV. I have a package that is worth a months worth of diapers that is strictly soccer. I would never have half the channels I now have. And now I have to watch tv....because my Dad made me.