Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All Over The Place

I am happy that I started to blog again. I really am. I have enjoyed the last few posts that I have made although I don' feel that they are up to par with other posts that I have written.

I am unsure of what direction I want to with here. Do I want to put all my laundry out, the clean and the dirty? Do I only want to make little posts here and there about my days? Do I only want to post when I have these waves of brilliance (yea right!!)?

Does it even matter what I put on here? Is there anyone reading? I know there is no one commenting (boo hoo :( ).

Anyhow.....some random thoughts for today.

- One year ago tomorrow we were on our way to Orlando for 12 days of kid-free bliss. It was a spectacular trip and look back at those memories every day very fondly. This trip was a way for My Dear Nathan and I to connect again after a very long year of him working out of town.

- I am so feeling all the weight that I have gained again. My clothes are beginning to be uncomfortable. I am turning into that Mom that lives in sweats and baggy shirts. I am so scared of failing, yet again, though. My Dear Nathan has told me he will join WW with me though.

- Darian has been sleeping in a lot lately. She went downstairs to bed before 9 last night. The last time this was happening was because she was sneaking out every night. I don't think that is happening again. I sincerely hope it isn't but I will definitely be doing some bed checks. It also could be from her medication.

- I don't take enough pictures of my kids. We have lots of pics from Christmas, vacations and birthdays but we don't take many candid, everyday life pictures. I want this to change. My "baby" will be 16 in a few months and our Tiny Man is already 2. I should be drowning in pictures.

- I love staying at home with my kids. I just wish that it paid better. I am almost feeling like if I don't start to work soon that we won't make it if any emergency came up. I hate living paycheque to paycheque. We are in our mid-30's and have no savings. Not a great feeling. :(

- I have really pretty cats. They are both all black and they rule!!


Anonymous said...

Blogger hates me. I posted earlier and it disappeared. The gist was - so. happy. that. you. are. back. I can relate to many of your bullets and I think you should blog whatever you want - we'll love you anyway :)


Anonymous said...

I'm reading!!!