Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Weird Dreams

This morning I had this dream where I am inside the first house that we owned.  The windows are all covered with very long and heavy curtains, each one pulled tightly shut but the windows behind them are all open.  We (I can't quite put my finger on who exactly is with me) are all inside in the house because there are people outside who are trying to get us.  The odd part of this dream is that it seems to be the guys from Good Charlotte that are after us.

Every now and again I take a glimpse between the curtains.  The scene behind my house is how it really is.  The apartment buildings behind us are the same, right down to the wad of wet toilet paper that we sent up to the 3rd floor with our water balloon sling shot.  I can even see the same cars that used to park at the apartment building out there.  I see Flander's awesome Echo (Flanders will need to be explained in another, very long post) and it makes me shudder.

The sky looks like it does just before a thunder storm at dusk.  It smells like there is a fire somewhere and it is eerily quiet.  The street that we lived on was never quiet as it is only 1 block removed from a major route in the city.  There is a calm that feels so uncomfortable due to the fact that I am scared shitless, trapped inside my little house.

At one point in my dream I see the block surrounding my house.  I see it as I would imagine an out of body experience would be like.  I am seeing everything from above.  Although the view to the back of my house is exactly the same, the view in the front and of the block surrounding it, look nothing at all like what it really does.  My house is the tiny house in the middle of huge, scary, plantation-like houses.  There are many large, leafy trees on either side of the street.

I have no idea what this dream is about.  I know that I am scared and I feel like I am trying to protect someone (this morning I got the distinct feeling that it was my daughters).  I can't let anyone get in the house and I have to stop people from leaving as well.  I wonder why some of the things that I am seeing are exact in detail and appearance but then other things are completely is just weird.  I only write about it here because I feel like I have had this, or a very similar, dream a few different times lately.  Maybe having it here will allow me to look back if it happens again.  Maybe someone out in bloggyland can offer some insight into what it means.


Kyddryn said...

Dreams are wriggly things, not easy to quantify - it's not an exact science and sometimes a pickle is just a pickle, but here's what I got (for what it's worth):

Women dream of houses and the houses typically represent
the women themselves.

The curtains shut out the sight of the world, but not the reality of it - even if you can't see it, it can still get to you. You want to protect your "family" (the people with you)and your inner self from the unseen things, from the possibility of harm.

I have no idea what Good Charlotte indicates! :-)

From within looking out the view is the same - how you see yourself and the world is unchanging, reliable. The marks you make, that have been made on you, are there to see and remember (whether you want them or not).

You are waiting for the storm to break, waiting for something to come to fruition with a bang. Or, perhaps you are feeling oppressed by something. The quiet, the calm, are scary because it's like something is building, waiting to pounce.

Seeing the block from outside, seeing how different it is from reality - how you see yourself and the world (and people) around you isn't always the same as what others see and experience. The scary houses are people who have "power" in your life, and they can be fearsome with their judgement. Worse still, they may be a threat to your family.

Overall I get the sense that you are trying to keep safe those things most precious to you, to protect them from the strangeness, the heaviness of life, the universe, and everything - even as you know you can't shield them from everything. You know very well there are things that will bring them harm - in body or spirit - and you know, too, that they might not recognize the dangers because what they SEE and what is REAL aren't always the same. People are complex. There is an immediacy to whatever calamity you expect.

Well, there you have it. You DID ask. :-)

Shade and Sweetwater,

Stacey said...

Wow strange dream but I have to say after reading what kyddryn said I'd have to agree as well. Take care!

Blondie said...

Is there anything Kyddryn don't know? I am always amazed by her insight. Ever since I was little I have had very epic, recurring dreams. I never dissected them, but maybe I should. I would be interesting to keep a dream journal and have Kyddryn shrink me! I think dreams really reflect the things we are going through in our lives and if we can figure them out, we can really get to know ourselves a little better.

Kyddryn said...

Umm...there's lots I don't know - like, umm...I can't drive a stick shift or play the bassoon. But I'm a new-age, neo-hippy, turning-granola weirdo, so of course I do dreams! :-)