Monday, March 10, 2008

Kraft Dinner Juice

Camryn is at home today, enjoying yet another day off of school.  We have decided to partake in the kids lunch staple that is Kraft Dinner.

Usually when I make KD it is not according to the package directions.  I usually just splash in  some milk and add a spoonful of butter (well, it is actually margarine, so as to be more diet friendly) in addition to the cheese packet.  Today when I pulled the milk jug out of the fridge I found that there was more than I needed for KD but not enough to do anything else with.  I decided to just pour the entire contents of said milk jug into the pot.

I noticed that the KD was a little runny but still cheesy enough to eat, so I began to spoon it out.  As I am following Weight Watchers I had only a bit, which will still cost me 6 points.  The rest of the pot I spooned out to Ryleigh and Camryn, giving Camryn the bulk of the box. Camryn has been known to consume a whole pot of KD on her own.  She would like to eat nothing other than KD for breakfast, lunch and dinner if allowed.

I have just been informed that Camryn has too much KD juice at the bottom of her bowl and that she does not like her KD that juicy.  I guess next time I should be a little less liberal with the milk so as not to create Kraft Dinner Soup.


Cammy said...

What?!? The juice is the best part. I say serve it up in a glass.

Stacey said...

lol to funny although I have to agree with her!! (I'm from LP)

Blondie said...

I love the juice! I make it that way on purpose. I guess I just don't have as distinguished a taste as your Camryn!

Kyddryn said...

Mmmm, Kraft Mac 'n' Cheez....

I like to slice up hot dogs, sautee them a bit, and toss them into the mix. Live wild, I say!

Shade and Sweetwater,