Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Biggest Loser

Why do I watch this show?  It is full of people that work their asses off and make me feel stupid for not putting in my Biggest Loser DVD.  After I am all finished feeling like a heap of shit for not exercising I cry because it is so sad when someone has to go home.

As I type this Camryn is sighing and feeling sad for Bernie as he is getting hugged good-bye.  I wish that I had the oomph to do what these people do.  I am thrilled that I have lost every week for the past 6 but I need to work harder!


Cammy said...

I think I only watch the show so that I can feel okay with a shame spiral afterwards. lol. Seriously, it's like a sickness. And Bernie totally shouldn't have saved that deadweight! See, as always, I'm just a heartless bitch.

Emma in Canada said...

What? Bernie went home! I only watched the first hour. Because then Big Brother came on.

Kyddryn said...

Don't forget, the folks on that show leave behind their families, jobs, and lives for up to two months,and are surrounded by nutritionists, chefs, people who shop for them, trainers, and have the added incentive of cameras everywhere.

The weight loss they experience is amazing, but not realistic for people who live ordinary lives and can't spend hours and hours at the gym or pay personal trainers, personal chefs, and personal shoppers to help them. Also? Weight loss that rapid isn't always permanent.

A pound a week is a good, healthy weight loss. You didn't put it on overnight, right?

That said, I'm addicted to Big Medicine on one of those Discovery chanels. I cry sometimes at what people have experienced in life to push the weight gain, and sometimes I get angry and yell at the TV, and other times I just let it sink in that if I keep going the way I am, that'll be me - so put down the dang Girl Scout Cookie!!

Shade and Sweetwater,
K of the fifty-acre arse