Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Dinner

Nothing very exciting about this post, just to forewarn you.

This weekend I successfully cooked and served Easter dinner.  ALL BY MYSELF, which my Mother pointed out to me.

I came stumbling home from the bar on Saturday night, put my ham in the oven and went to bed.  Step 1 complete.

The next morning My Dear Nathan got up and cleaned the house while I slept off the jugs of Grasshopper (lots o' lemon) that I had consumed the night before.  Then I asked him to carry the mini-fridge downstairs, go to Safeway to pick up the rest of everything that I needed to make dinner and pick up some wine from the good ol' liquor store.

My grandparents came at around noon, shortly after my parents had called to say that they were finally leaving for their 3 hour drive to bring my kids home and well, since they were here, eat too.

Around 1-ish I remembered that I didn't have any dinner buns.  Instead of asking My Dear Nathan to go out and get some I figured that my parents would be getting close to home and should be able to swing by the grocery store and pick some up.  Wrong.  They were only half hour into the 3 hour ride.  Apparently when they called to say they were leaving they needed to first go through the 2 hour, make sure everything in the house is OK, checklist which is of course required when you leave the house for 12 hours.

My grandparents are sleeping on the couch, because that is what old people do and now I am wondering if I should attempt to bake some buns or send My Dear Nathan back to the store.  I chose the store and some internet surfing.

After all way said and done, I made my ham, some taters, gravy, corn, carrots and coleslaw for dinner.  I did it all by myself (the preparation and cooking that is, My Dear Nathan did the delivery).  Ok, I admit that my Mother mashed the potatoes for me.  Usually I have someone here (my Mother) to help me but not this time.  Nope, this time, I was like....all growed up and cooking family Easter dinner!

Hope everyone had a great one!!!

(Told you it wasn't very exciting...raise your hand if you made it this far)


Stacey said...

Congrats!! That's why I'm so glad my mum lives 5 mins away!! lol

Blondie said...

Sounds like National Lampoons Easter Vacation, minus all the mishaps. There is always a certain satisfaction in preparing a holiday meal without the assistance of the family matriarch. I hope you didn't have to do all the dishes too! My Easter meal consisted of a turkey sandwich and some Thin Mints. Feel free to save any leftovers the next time you cook and send them my way!

Mamma Schmoo said...

I did have to do some of the dishes...the pots. But I always wash the pots because I am crazy anal about cleaning them and no one does it quite the right way. I did wait until the next though...I know, I know....bad housewife!!

Cammy said...

I'd be impressed if you made buns. kidding. Happy Easter :) Four more sleeps?