Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It.  Has.  Been.  Snowing.  For.  Days.  Who the hell pissed off the weather gods?  I am so tired of the snow.  How is it possible that in the last 3 days we have received more snow than we did the whole 2 weeks we were away.....in DECEMBER!!!

I have shoveled our sidewalk because the snow gets too deep during the day to leave it for Nathan to do.  This morning, after getting home from a horrible attempt to work out at the gym, I just left Ryleigh in our van (running of course) to watch Spongebob while I tried to clear a path to our front door.  I have left the back for Nathan to do.  It is garbage day tomorrow and I will have no part of hauling any garbage out through at least a foot of snow.

The worst part of this, besides the fact that it is nearing the end of April, is that there does not seem to be a stop to this hideous weather until after the weekend.  Ugg.  Groan.  Retch.  Alberta weather is just not impressing me right now.  Good thing that I only have 22 more days until I go to Florida.

**I would add pics but this damn thing is not working.

***I would also like to add that my boys won their hockey game on Sunday!!!


Cammy said...

I want boys! Can you believe the snow bipassed us? I claim it's only fair since I didn't go to Florida in December.

Joy T. said...

I hear you! I'm writing this in the early morning hour on Wednesday and they say it's starting to look up. I say I'll believe it when I see the sun shining and the temps rising. Darn crazy weather!

Debbie said...

It is crazy. I tell ya. I am done with snow. I want it gone. Especially when we had a taste of spring. The weather gods are evil teases.

Congrats to your sons!