Monday, April 07, 2008

I am back....

but I am not happy about it.  Ok, that is a lie.  I am totally happy to be back because (caution:  sappy shit coming up) I missed My Dear Nathan.  

Our trip was a very short one, even shorter than anticipated thanks in large part to some snow and a cruddy airline.  I am beginning to think that air travel is way over rated.  At least if I drove to my destinations I could experience the scenery and have to take a longer vacation.  I will not bore you with details, just know that I should have been at LAX at noon on Sunday and arrived sometime around 8:00 p.m., with only 2 of my daughters.  The other one would arrive at nearly midnight with my Mother.  Ugg....we missed a whole day at Disneyland but did spend a glorious day at the Phoenix airport.

Our trip after that was nothing but a blur of trying to pack all of Disneyland and California Adventure into 2 days.  We almost did it.  There were somethings that we did not ride and/or see.  Oo, oo, we did, however, see Cuba Gooding Jr. in the Phoenix airport.  I am sure he took our seats.  

I enjoyed our trip and am sure that so did my girls.  I look forward to taking them back, spending a few more days and of course, having My Dear Nathan with us (no offense to my Mom, she rode all the scary rides with my kids as I, am a total, complete chicken shit).

We came home on Thursday night.  On Friday morning I was very graciously invited to a Bloggers Breakfast.  Which proceeded to be followed by a Bloggers Lunch.  It was a great time, with great new people.  I look forward to the next one and only hope that they did not think I was crazy, lame, or any of those other bad things I tend to think about myself.  

The rest of the weekend I did nothing.  As I sit here typing this my suitcase is still in my living room.  Full.  I really should unpack it.  Right now....I have a feeling I am boring people.  


Emma in Canada said...

Wait a second! We spent, like, 6 hours in your company and you never once mentioned that you saw Cuba Gooding JR?? Now, I know it isn't the Jerry McGuire days anymore but any celebrity sighting is worth a mention. Hell, when I saw Carrie Doll from CTV news at the mall it was all I talked about for days. And she isn't even a celebrity!

Rachelle said...

I was just going to say the exact same thing!!!

and I spent like 8 hours with you!!!!

what the heck is the matter with you eh??

Cammy said...

Ooh, ooh, can I come if you have a blogger date when I'm in Edmonton? Is Cuba hot in person?

Mamma Schmoo said...

Cammy - of course you can come!!! After all you are the friend who told me too!! Yes, he is hot in person. I volunteered to sit on his lap during the flight but, alas, there was no Cuba ride on this trip!

My apologies for not mentioning it Emma and Rachelle.....I never remember what I tell people and what I don't tell people....cuz I be dumb.

dawn said...

Yeh, what's up with not mentioning the celebrity sighing (yeah, I meant to write it that way);-). We could chalk it up to you being tired after the trip. Oh, and speaking of celebrity sightings, I saw a blogger at the Home and Garden show but could only wave and say hi;-).

Joy T. said...

I'm with Emma. 6 hours and you didn't mention Cuba Gooding Jr.?!! I'll take him over Tom Cruise any day so that's the first thing I would have mentioned. Although I suspect the way our little group is, maybe you tried to mention it but with all the chattering going on, it just didn't happen. We sure can talk can't we :o) Hope you join us again, you're a lovely addition to the BA (Blogger's Anonymous) gang!