Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camryn Gets Revenge

In my effort to conserve water I bathe 2 of my children together.  I always have (age appropriate of course).  I also shower every day with My Dear Nathan (sorry for the wealth of personal information).

Camryn and Darian used to bath together all the time.  I will never ever forget one fateful night though.  Camryn must have been around 2, making Darian 6-ish.  Our one and only bathtub was upstairs in our tiny house.  We ran the water, tossed our kids into the tub and then went about our business.  Everything was going swimmingly until we heard Darian screeching at the top of her lungs for her Mommy.  Thinking that something was wrong, we both bolted into the bathroom.  Upon our arrival we found Darian straddling the bathtub, a foot on either side, while yelling.  Camryn, on the other hand, was happy as a clam.  Just sitting and playing.  It only took a second before we realized what it was that Darian was screaming about.  Camryn had pooped in the water.  It was a priceless moment.  We plucked our children out of the sewage, cleaned the tub and then proceeded to clean our children.

Camryn has got her revenge tonight.  She wanted to bathe with her baby sister so we obliged.  We ran them the tub, gave them the toys and left the room to go about our business.  Tonight, however, there was the teeny-tiniest call of "uhhhh.....Mommy?".  I almost didn't hear it.  I muted the hockey game and answered.  It the calmest voice I have ever heard Camryn replied "Ryleigh just pooped in the bath".  We bolted to her rescue, expecting to see her straddling the tub ala Darian.  Nope, she simply got out and waited for us to come and rescue her.  Ryleigh was not pleased to have to get out but we promised her that she could get back in....just as soon as we removed all the toys, all the poop and scrubbed the tub.  Now I have dirty tub toys, a clean tub and pretty soon will have clean children.  

I can't help but wonder when (or if) Ryleigh will get her revenge....that and how the hell am I going to clean all the tub toys?


Debbie said...

Dishwasher. (been there done that)

Emma in Canada said...

You shower together everyday? Jeesh. William and I haven't showered together since the days when we used to have sex in the shower. Oh so long ago.

Joy T. said...

Wow. I'm impressed two people can FIT in a shower together. Maybe I just have a really small shower. Either that or my butts too big. Ahem. I say Debbie has it right. Dishwasher. And sadly I have been there done that too. Ick.