Monday, April 30, 2007

Oh So Many Choices

I have 5 days to decide what to do with 2. My parents have requested my children for the weekend. They are even going to meet me half way to pick them up. That means that they really want to see them. Who am I to refuse?

Now I have to decide what I am going to do all weekend with no kids. Well, Nathan will still be here so I guess I should try to incorporate him into my plans. Everytime I know that I am not going to have my kids for any amount of time I get all excited thinking about the temporary freedom Nathan and I will have and all of the things that we could potentially do. We could go out to the bar, we could go to a movie, we could drive out to Jasper for a night, the list could go on and on. The major problem with all of the previously listed activities is that they require money. Something that is extremely rare and difficult to come by in this house. It is kind of like commercial-free programming. You know it exists, just not in your world.

Now without any money the list of things to do while temporarily free gets substantially shorter. We could.....clean the house, do yard work, start kitchen demolition, teach the 3-legged cat some new tricks or maybe even talk to each other. You will notice that this list does not seem nearly as fun as the one requiring money.

I figure that the solution to my problem is somewhere in Red Deer. I will bring the kids to my Dad. We will meet in a parking lot. I will hand over the kids and he will hand over a plain envelope filled with money. With said money in hand I will gleefully drive home, making plans all the way. After the first hour or so of freedom and not being able to decide what to do Nathan and I will come to the same conclusion that we do every other time our kids are gone for a few days. Money is not nearly as fun without having kids to spend it on.


Cammy said...

2 weeks? Does that line up with May long weekend? If so, I say plan a rockin party (is a somewhat kid friendly rockin party a possibility or an oxymoron?).

Nancy said...

No, only 2 days. My Dad wants me to drive them to him on Friday after school and pick them up on Sunday. He has mentioned that they would like to take them camping with them on May long weekend but I keep telling him that I have no clue what we are doing yet.

Cammy said...

We're going to be in Edmonton so you guys will have to come here some other time (I'm totally embarassed for Nathan to see the plumbing). :)

Cammy said...

Okay, I am a serious idiot. Obviously you're talking about this weekend - ignore all previous assy comments please. See there is a reason some people only lurk :)