Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cheesecake = Appreciation

As I sit here in front of my computer amongst mess and disaster in the background I hear the lovely noises that Ryleigh makes as she gets excited listening to the saccharine tunes of Barney and his friends. The sun is shining outside and it is currently +13 here.

My laundry is washing, my cheesecake is chilling (very first one I have ever baked. Cross your fingers it tastes good), the 3-legged cat is sleeping and there are no signs of awesome father-in-law thus far. My baby and I napped together this morning, her with her head using mine as a pillow, in my comfy bed on clean, fresh-smelling sheets.

I am loving every moment of this day. I love it even more so because of Nathan. For months I have been stressing out about my EI running out and what are we going to do about money and this, that and the other thing. He can see how much I enjoy being at home with our girls right now and so he is off at work so that I don't have to be. Not that he wouldn't be there otherwise but I would have had to go to work on Monday. The guilt that I feel about not being at work was and still is very overwhelming. I have never not worked or gone to school with some sort of income. I have always contributed in some way financially but for now I am on strict orders to be where I want to be, at home, with my baby. My husband and other family make this possible for me. I hope the cheesecake is good enough to show my appreciation. If not.....I guess I will bake an apple pie.


Cammy said...

So, how was it? I'm sure it was awesome. I've got some good cheesecake recipes if you want to try more. Do you actually make the crust for pie? I've only done that once like ever.

Nancy said...

It was very yummy. Camryn didn't much care for it but that just means more for Mommy (like she needs it).

I do make my own pie crust. I have only ever done it that way. Some times it turns out better than other times but Nathan never complains.

Nancy said...

Oh...and I would love some recipes. I spent $40.00 on the damn springform pan so I better put it to good use. ;)

Cammy said...

Will make a note to send some. Forgot to say how much I loved that post too - I love days like that. Hope awesome father in law isn't there too long.