Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So, here I am two weeks after signing off so that I could paint my computer room. Well, here is the update.

Computer room - still not painted. I had to put the painting on hold to prepare for our rockin' party (which rocked by the way...a little too hard for me but that is another story). I had full intentions of resuming painting on the Monday after said rockin' party but awesome father-in-law was still here. I was kind of hoping that the disarray of my spare room would have scared him off....but it didn't. I was going to resume painting this past weekend as the weather sucked and it would have been a perfect time to paint. Apparently it was a perfect time to have a cat with a broken leg too. My poor Squeaky-boy has a cast on and has now been confined to the unfinished mess that is my computer room. Can't paint now. I can handle a cat with a broken leg but I do not think that I can handle a cat with a broken leg that is high on paint fumes.

Squeak will be lame for the next 4-6 weeks. I cannot hold off painting for that long as I need to have some of my house put back together before the total chaos that is kitchen renovation begins. At this point I place the completion of the computer room sometime around May long weekend. I am hoping that awesome father-in-law will find an alternate place to stay while he is here next week (only because without the spare room my kids lose their beds....yes, both of them!! Maybe that is not the only reason, but that too, is another story). Maybe a chaotic computer room is not such a bad thing. Maybe I could put it in a bag and sell it as awesome father-in-law repellent.

So at the moment, my cat is essentially 3-legged, my baby is teething, my computer room is a mere shell of its former self, Nathan is back at work (both good and bad), my awesome father-in-law should be here in days, I have no money due to a 3-legged cat, my mop is missing, my eye is itchy and, all in all, my life is completely upside down. I hope that I can get it somewhat together before I have no kitchen.


Cammy said...

Yikes! I hope awesome father in love (love the name by the way) finds a nice couch at Jeremy's place :) You have to blog about the party!

Cammy said...

Blah - meant father in law of course.