Sunday, April 29, 2007

Small Things Amusing A Small Mind

So as I sit here on a lazy Sunday evening, waiting with baited breath for The Sopranos to begin, I decided to do some blog cruising and there it was.....on the very bottom of the list.....My Friend Told Me I Should....listed on someone other than Cammy's blog. I am so very excited!! I told my family and well, they don't particularly care. I care though, very much. The list of people that I am boring to death has expanded. Today I bored one more person. Tomorrow, world domination!!!


Mike Todd said...

The internet isn't going to bore itself! Somebody has to step up. Rock on, dude. We have achieved reciprocal linkage. Also, I'm three Sopranos seasons behind, so don't tell me if Tony bites it.

Cammy said...

Woo hoo, world domination!