Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Another September

Where has time gone?? September already. I am not entirely disappointed about this because I have been waiting for September for some time now. Only 20 more days and I am off to Florida with My Dear Nathan. Just the 2 of us. I am giddy just thinking about it.

I sent 2 of my daughters off to school this morning. One off to high school. I cannot believe it. I still remember like yesterday her 1st birthday. Grade 10. I still remember Grade 10. By Grade 10 I had known My Dear Nathan for a year already. It makes me shiver to think that Darian may already know the person that she will make her life with.....

I sent Camryn to Grade 6. Yikes!! Last year before junior high. I look at her and she is just so tiny and still such a little girl. A year from now I will be feeding her to the same wolves I fed Darian to. Where has time gone?

So now my days will be just my Roo and my Tiny Man. Hoping to be more productive around the house now that we will be on some sort of a schedule. Summer = no schedule for anyone (except my poor Dear Nathan). I am hoping that Kaiden will still take somewhat of a nap during the day. Momma loves him dearly but the boy wears me out!! Hell on wheels is how my Grandpa describes him and it suits him to a T.

Speaking of....I hear my boy. Short nap today. Darn!


Anonymous said...

Yay, A post, A good post at that :)

Leanne said...

And we thought we knew everything of the world in grade 10!
I think it's completely adorable that you and your "Dear Nathan" have been together so long. Good on ya! It's a rarity these days, and what a fine example to lead for your children!