Thursday, July 08, 2010


Poor, poor neglected blog. Yet another thing that goes with minimal care taking. I apologize....from me at least. I can't apologize for those that think that I am some sort of mystical healing fountain in which to dump all their crap in.

I would love nothing more than to regale you with tales of my best mommy moments, moments from my millions of children's live's that I want more than ever to bottle, ready to take out and sniff from whenever my uterus hurts for a growing baby, moments of the absolute love and devotion that my husband shows to me, moments of my bliss.

I want so badly for that to happen. I neglect you because I fear that you will become my whipping boy. My rant place. My bad place. My unload all my shit onto place. I don't want that for you. I know that feeling. It sucks. :( I feel sorry already.


bradsmom06 said...

It's your blog and you can vent if you want to! Everyone needs a place to turn....and sometimes it's easier to unload on strangers. I say go for it! Use your blog however you want.....good AND bad....there is no reason it can't be used for both!!

And just in cacse you need one today....*HUGS*

Cammy said...

Agreed! Blog away. I think the old b-blog is still around if need be :)

And, hugs. Hope things are better today.

Leanne said...

I could have written that myself. I often take breaks from my blog because it starts feeling like a black hole of negativity, an excuse to bitch and overlook positive. Then I think back to the whole reason I started blogging to begin with....TO VENT! My therapist reccomended it since I have commitment issues and couldn't keep a paper journal for more than a day.