Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 Week!!

I have been counting down the days since October. Now, here we are, a mere 7 days away.

Exactly 1 week from now I will be somewhere over U.S. on my way to Houston. From Houston we will make our way to Orlando. We, being My Dear Nathan and I. Just the 2 of us. No kids. Nothing but us, for 12 glorious days!

We will have a 1 bedroom villa all to ourselves. We have nice dinner reservations. We will be attending the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game in Tampa. We will be attending Halloween events at both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

I will shop. I will buy my kids nice presents to bring home to them. I will sit in (hopefully) some sunshine, which will be super extra nice after the piss poor excuse for a summer we had this year. I will drink nothing but Blue Moon and if I am lucky some of the seasonals that may be available.

I will spend my nights in a hot tub or on a balcony, reconnecting with my husband after a very long year of him not being home 85% of the time. My kids will be spending time with their Grandparents. This could be one of the last times for an extended visit like this since my parents intend on moving to Arizona.

1 more week. I can't wait. I still have so much to do but every minute gets me closer to my vacation and I can't be any more excited than I am!!


Rachelle said...

Did I forget to tell you that I found a secret compartment in you suit case and I am coming with you?????

bradsmom06 said...

I hope you had a great trip!!

Leanne said...

Okay, I know for a fact that you are back because you were sitting in my living room 2 weeks ago!!!