Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well Hello Stranger!!!

Oh I really am bad.....and have a boring life. Really. I have a boring life.

Lets see....since September....hmmmm. Well the trip was awesome. I wish I could do it every year. We had a blast, got lots of sun, lots of Blue Moon. Hot tubs every night....yadda, yadda, yadda.

I was going to start blogging much earlier in the year but things have been kinda stressful. We took a trip to Arizona for Christmas/New Years. We got trapped in Idaho for 2 extra days due to storms and closed Interstates. That led to many weeks of screwy finances...it is almost March and we are still digging ourselves out of the hole.

My Dear Nathan has been home since October but his hours are cut back so our bills are piling up. I hate it. I hated him being out of town but the money was awesome! Oh well. I am working hard on getting things organized. I bought myself a Gail Vaz-Oxlade book and hopefully will be able to do all the hard work to get us on the right track.

I have realized that my parents taught me squat about money, budgeting and household finances. I hope to do better by my kids than my parents did my brother and I.

I have had pneumonia for almost a month. I think that I am finally on the mend. I just finished my round of antibiotics so hopefully all will improve over the next few weeks. I have never been sick like this before, I hope to never be sick like this again. It is not fun. I feel for all those who suffer from asthma (sp?). Not being able to breath is a feeling I would not want to live my entire life with.

I am hoping to use this blog more often to update (hopefully) progress reports on how things are going with money, organizing, parenting...all sorts of stuff.

I recently began a counselling program through The Family Center called Roots and Wings to improve of how I parent and communicate with my kids. I just wanna be the best Momma I can. :)

Milestone for this week.....Tiny Man is in a big boy bed. He kept hopping the side of the crib so it is gone. My last baby is no longer in a crib....*sniff, sniff*.

I am hoping that subsequent posts have more flow to them and are not so much all over the place. I guess I had more to say than I thought......ciao!


Princesstefer said...

ouch @ the pneumonia! I had it once, about 4 years ago and my lungs have not been the same since. I can also relate to the stranding (ours was over a month in Ontario that resulted in over $10k, above the base costs of our trip, that we hadn't planned on. Hurt for a long time, especially with a couple of lay offs and our bank actually closing... only just feel like we're recovering now, things could have been worse, I'm a fairly frugal person). Great to hear you're taking control of finances though. :) That parenting program sounds interesting too, I should look into something like that - I actually picked up some papers from the Mill Woods Family Resource Centre yesterday.

emmaincanada said...

I am looking to do some parenting classes, especially now that I am officially a single mother. Happy days!