Sunday, September 12, 2010


Friday was good. My Dear Nathan finally made it home. We ordered some food, had our family over for drinks and just enjoyed his birthday.

Saturday was pretty lax. We watched a ton of shows on 9-11. I can't believe how vividly I still remember that day. I still find it hard to watch certain things, like people who chose to jump out of the buildings. I shudder to think that something like that can happen again. I am not entirely convinced it won't.

Sunday. Ahhhh, the Sunday that I have been waiting for since February. NFL regular season started again. It didn't get off to a great start as my team lost, quite spectacularly. Oh well, it gets the first loss out of the they just need to pick up their shorts and start playing the way they are expected too! My Dear Nathan started hockey tonight. I wanted to go but Darian decided to have a life instead of staying home with her dare she lol!!

Busy week ahead. Laundry, packing, cleaning, organizing, mouse hunting and a bunch of school stuff for the kids too. It figures that their Meet the Teacher nights are on the same night. They go to different schools on different sides of the city....should be fun!!