Monday, March 28, 2011


Now quite sure how to deal....I (we) got an official diagnosis that our daughter suffers from depression. To the point of "we" (as doctors seeing her) "want her to start taking an anti-depressant immediately."

I am not quite sure how to deal with this. Of course I took her to see our doctor and we/she has started the prescription. We have since met with the psychologist that we will be seeing. She apologized to me for the demand with which this started. Obviously there is more to the situation than I see.

Ugggg......I can't even put it into words. I will come back and maybe will have processed this all some more. I have a feeling that this blog went from haha to real life. I will see if I have the balls to put it all out there. Who knows? Maybe I will be famous....(kidding lol :) )


Anonymous said...

Sending a virtual hug to both of you. I hope the medication helps. It's definitely got to be better to know (even if it's not fun). At least now you guys can begin to process and deal. Just a call away if you ever need anything.


MovieLover said...

I was just scrolling through some blogs and I ran across this. Even not knowing you or the situation at all, I'm proud of you for the way you're handling it. Coming from someone who struggled for years with depression while my parents sat around and watched me sink lower and lower without seeming to care at all, it means a lot that there are still parents out there that make an effort and are able to handle situations like this. Keep doing what you're doing, it's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I have prayed a "such as I have,I give it to you" prayer for your daughter. She will be better, believe it.
Just passin by

hapi said...
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