Friday, February 05, 2010

Woo Hoo Friday!!

I loves me some Fridays, yes I does!!!

Only a mere 90 minutes until My Dear Nathan comes home. Have the kids almost all settled in with instructions on how to order and pay for pizza while Mommy and Daddy have some alone time over a jug of Gunther's at Brewsters.

There are important things for us to discuss, such as what kinds of food to serve at our Superbowl Festivities on Sunday (naturally). I am so 'scited!!! My Colts (of course they are mine, I own them) are playing against the Saints of Narlins. Should be interesting because my brother in law is a Saints fan. I am going to make a jello that I made for the last Superbowl the Colts played in, which they won. Isn't it cute...
We even made a tiny Peyton Manning to go on the jello field. (Note the ugly blue kitchen I had at the time....blech!) My only wish is that I could have found a Colts jersey for my Tiny Man to wear. I did find a Jaguars one in the Value Village today but that will just not do!! Heres hoping for a big ole' win on Sunday.

Happy Friday y'all!!!


Anonymous said...

The Colts played a good game they just couldnt stop the underneath passing game, Brees thought ok your staying back and stopping the deep stuff so he went short all game and won it for the saints. Like a guy said on sirus nfl radio "the colts will be back" they are good but just couldnt do much to stop Brees