Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This n' That

Tuesday. That means it is weigh in day. I did not have a stellar weekend. Mostly because I drank too much beer and didn't eat enough. It is also hard to eat properly when you are sleeping, another thing that I did quite a bit of this weekend. I need the sleep though. I love my Tiny Man but he needs to start sleeping better before I have to check myself into a looney bin.

Speaking of my Tiny Man. I have a feeling that the little turkey is going to walk sooner rather than later. I have set up his playpen in the living room so as to keep him contained for short periods of time so that I can do things like, say, go to the bathroom. I was watching him yesterday while he was in it and he let go of the sides and stood on his own for a little while. Turkey....growing way too fast! I have also realized that if I don't go shopping for him soon he will have no clothes. I don't think that it can wait until next month when we go to Phoenix either. Thankfully I have met some new ladies at my Moms and Tots group that have little boys that have offered some of their outgrown clothes.

I have bags of clothes from Darian and Camryn have outgrown to go through. I will probably keep a few things for Roo but with a lack of space for storage, there will not be that much. I have a bin in the garage that I started. With my luck I will forget about it until she is too big for all the clothes anyway. I am hoping to be able to get my garage cleaned out soon so that we can park our van in it again. I am sure we will get it done just in time to not have to worry about snow or cold.

I am also hoping in the next few weeks for some nice weather so that I can paint in my living room. I am sure that I have mentioned this umpteen times here but I really do need to get it done. I have had the paint for over a year and am tired of looking at the cans. Not to mention that I am tired of having a house that is in a constant state of renovation. I know it will probably be next year, at the earliest, before we can afford to put down new floor but maybe having the walls done will be extra incentive to start saving hard for that!

I have to start saving for our trip in September as well. I want to have a minimum of $3000.00 to go with so that we can really enjoy ourselves on our trip. I am so looking forward to it that I think I might be a little crazy. Once we get our tax refund (which I am fairly confident should be a good one) we will be well on our way. I have stayed on top (for the most part) of all of our bills over the Christmas season which makes things easier. It will also help that My Dear Nathan will be working some 12 hours shifts at work starting this week. Yay! :)

Well, my Tiny Man is ready for a nap, my Roo is ready for some breakfast and if I continue to sit and waste my time on the internet I will be ready for a nap and to make today's to-do list an "I'll do it tomorrow" list. Did that yesterday!


Cammy said...

Seriously, you should just sand your floor. It's easier than painting and it makes a world of difference. You could always replace later if you still feel the need (see pictures from when we did ours posted on blog). :)

Thank you for reminding me that babies don't sleep a lot and don't let you go to the bathroom. I've been fighting third child desires like mad.

Mamma Schmoo said...

I will also remind you that they constantly try to eat your speakers and press buttons on your stereo system!!! It has been a frustrating morning! ARGGGGG!!!!

Mamma Schmoo said...

Oh and the only problem with sanding our floor is that our hardwood is only in our living room and dining room. We still need something to go down our hallway and into all the bedrooms.

Cammy said...

You mean raw floor boards isn't an option?

Tyler said...

Regarding the sleep thing: If you're eating well and being active, the third component that most people forget about is getting enough sleep. You burn fat when you sleep.