Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Yay!

I forgot to mention.....I had so much food for Super Bowl enough to feed an army. With cheese. And bacon. And fattening in it.

At my WW meeting last Tuesday I identified this Sunday as being a struggle that I would have to get through for the week. I made the decision to be happy to not gain any weight for the week. I was going to enjoy my game and try to be good. I am not sure that I would call Sunday a success or not as I ate so much that I felt sick for a better part of the night.

Tuesday arrives. I seriously consider not going to WW, not wanting to see what kind of damage I had done. But I went, because I have learned that when you want to run is exactly the time when you need to be there.

I am pleased to say that through all the bacon, cheese and fattening stuff of the weekend I managed to lose 0.6 lbs. I couldn't believe it. I actually yelled "you're kidding me?!?!?!" at the poor lady who was weighing me in. I got a sticker :)


Cammy said...

You got me beat and I weighed in before superbowl eating!