Monday, August 11, 2008

Pity Party - Table for One

Next Monday, how I dread thee.  

It has been just a hair over a month since My Dear Nathan began his new job.  The new job that pays better and has better hours than the sweatshop that he had previously been working at.  The new job that is a union job with benefits and a pension.  This is the same new job that is making me dread next Monday.

We knew that because of the fact that My Dear Nathan is working for a union shop that there may be a chance that he would have to go and work out of town.  I thought that I would be able to deal with it should it happen. is happening and I am not sure how to deal with it.

Work wants to ship My Dear Nathan to Fort McMurray.  I would rather send him to Siberia myself.  I have issues with the City of Fort McMurray.  I don't like it, don't miss it and don't want to send my husband there.  

The shift is 10 days in, 4 out.  It could be worse but I don't think that I have ever spent more than a week apart from My Dear Nathan.  I also lack severely in the friends department.  My Dear Nathan is the only one that I have here.  What am I going to do with myself?  Who is going to entertain me?  Am I really this pathetic?

I keep being reminded of how the money will help.  Debt will be paid down, money saved for 2 trips to Florida that we have planned for next year.  School starts soon and I want to finish my renovations.  All of this will be helped by My Dear Nathan being away in the Pit of Despair that is Fort McMurray but money does not sleep next to me every night or make me laugh or rub my feet.

I can only hope that this is a short lived situation and that there is an angel riding on his shoulder for every 5 hour stretch that he needs to spend on the highway to hell.  Pity party over....for now :(


Emma in Canada said...

No friends here? Huh? I am home everyday, all day. I am quite a loser really. But, if you don;t mind losers I am usually available. Plus we shuld really get those 2 little ones together...Sophie needs a friend of her own!

Joy T. said...

Sorry to hear this, sounds like it's going to be tough for you. Looks like we might have to make a point of having a few more blogger's breakfasts :o)

Kyddryn said...

Aww, sugar, I'm sorry. If we were neighbors I'd bake you muffins and play poker with you (I'd lose, too, because I suck at poker).

It's only for a little while - he'll be fine and so will you.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Anonymous said...

um feeling a little offended at the only friend here comment!

Cammy said...

I read that post and felt totally envious for your fabulous relationship. 10 days will make you both appreciate it all the more.

bradsmom06 said...

I know exactly how you feel! My dear Ryan has decided he belongs back on the highway now, and won't be home very much anymore either. It's been 2 weeks since he made the switch, and I hate it. I miss him :(

Hope things are getting better, and you are adjusting! Enjoy the 4 days he gets to be home!!