Tuesday, August 12, 2008


RE: yesterdays post about friends and the lack thereof.  I, do, in fact have friends here.  I have a handful of great friends here.

I was having a pity party yesterday and am really trying to make the best of the situation that is ahead of us.  As a last word on it just know that I would rather poke a million hot needles into my eyes than send my husband to Fort Mac.

On the positive side:

- I believe this is my 100th post!  Yay for me!!  100 posts!  I think I will make yummy blueberry muffins (recipe courtesy of Kyddryn).
- I had a great day with my girls yesterday.  We went shopping.  We went to the park.  We caught up on some episodes of The Mole.  Just a nice relaxing day.
- I had a great time camping with my girls and my Mom last week.  The weather was great (minus the sun burn....my stupid fault as I forgot my toiletries bag which contained our sunscreen), the water was warm and I didn't have to sleep in a tent.
- I had a great weekend.  My parents had the kids.  My Dear Nathan made me a great dinner on Saturday.  We progressed on some renovations that are long over due and then spent Sunday afternoon with my in-laws/friends house.
- While at the in-laws my Awesome Father-In-Law didn't say anything that made me want to kill him.
- Only 142 more days until we go to Florida.  You may think that it is crazy to be counting down already, but I will admit that I started at 220!  We have made great progress.  :D
- We are going to CrueFest tomorrow.  Well, not Roo but everyone else.  Motley Crue is Camryn's favorite band and she is something excited about getting to see them.  I am sure that I will enjoy watching her more than any band that takes the stage.


Cammy said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy watching her more than any band that takes the stage (and not only because you're such an adoring mother). Please be sure to bring your camera along as there are sure to be lots of great mullet sightings and bad fashion.

Kyddryn said...

Mullet? Why would bait fish be at a concert?

Have fun, and please let me know if a) you make the muffins and b) they turn out OK. I'm thinking of tweaking the recipe...

Shade and Sweetwater,