Thursday, July 31, 2008

Only 3 More Days

I am so excited that I could just pee my pants.  Believe me when I say you will be sadly disappointed by what has me all worked up.....and probably will stop reading this post but if you make it to the end you will win a cookie.

On Sunday, the NFL starts pre-season games.  For those of you who may not know I.  Love.  Football.  I love every Sunday from September through to February.  I also love Monday nights and the occasional Thursday and Saturday.  It is a big event around here.  Every Sunday I get to sleep in while My Dear Nathan and our girls prepare our snacks for the day.  Then approximately 5 minutes before kick-off MDN comes into our bedroom to wake me up.  I then park my ass on the couch for a day of football watching and eating.

Our girls participate as well but mostly for the food.  Camryn will often watch part of the game with My Dear Nathan and me.  Darian has no interest at all.  I think that we need to start exposing Camryn to other sports though, in particular hockey.  We are Canadian after all.  I thought about this last night as we were watching My Dear Nathan play hockey.  After watching someone fall due to a vigourous cross check Camryn commented, "oooooo, what a tackle!"  I just shook my head laughing and did not bother to tell her that this is the wrong sport.  

(I apologize if you have made it this far.....there are no cookies.)


Stacey said...

lol But I want cookies!! heehee

Kyddryn said...

That's OK, I have plenty of cookies.

I watch football with the fellas 'round here, although I don't get it at all. Still, it's time we spend together, and they are endlessly patient explaining things to me, and they appreciate the snacks I am constantly making. For me, that's the best part - I can cook all day and don't have to worry about eating any of it!

I'm more of a racing fan, myself...

Shade and Sweetwater,

dawn said...

There must be some way to teach a kid the proper terminology without actually making them watch;-). It would be good to know a thing or two about hockey, although there are guys out there who are somewhat clueless too.

Sheri said...

"Every Sunday I get to sleep in while My Dear Nathan and our girls prepare our snacks for the day."

Ok... can I fly you into Jersey to come train my husband? I will give YOU a cookie.

PS - I like your blog.

Emma in Canada said...

Well feck, I was just going to ask where my cookie was.

I hate football. We do however, have a Saturday morning soccer routine. Sometimes we even watch all three games.