Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Days Ahead

We have such a busy few days ahead of us.  My house is an absolute sty.  I can't believe that it takes so long to clean and so few minutes to mess up!!  I have loads of laundry to do but have already started on that.  I even put some in the wash at 1:00 this morning when I couldn't sleep.

We have to get some of our camping stuff together as we are going camping for 5 days with my parents.  I am looking forward to spending some time with them and my girls.  My Dear Nathan will be staying home and working his tail off for us, as he always does :)

My older girls are cleaning up the basement after having their cousins from Calgary stay with us for a few days last week.  It was nice to have some company but I think that has contributed to the mess that is my house.  We were on the go for most of the week last week, taking in Capital Ex.

My Dear Nathan has his last hockey game tonight.  I think that because it is the last that we are going to go cheer him on.  I could be totally wrong about it being the last game though as we are unsure if he has made the play-offs.  In any case I think that he is ready for a bit of a hockey break before winter comes.

Instead of procrastinating about where I should start, I probably should just do it.  Here I go....

(I just read this post and realize that it is crazy and all over the place....must be a reflection of my house)


Kyddryn said...

They say that one's external environment is a reflection of one's internal state...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who lives right smack in the middle of chaos...)