Thursday, February 21, 2008


Is going on?  Do I have poor written across my face?  Do I look poor?  Act poor? Smell poor? What the hell?  A previous post was written in response to a nasty comment that my "friend" had made about me.  The comment was in relation to our trip to Florida in May (and our previous trip in December).  This "friend" wondered "how the hell" we are affording to go to Florida as we are "piss poor". Not just poor, not po', but "piss poor".  Nice.  With "friends" like that who needs enemies.  

Since then I have simmered down and though the comment still stings I have moved on from hurt and anger to total lack of respect and a general "be civil for our husband's sakes".  I now have an acquaintance.  Works for me.  Now onto the newest reason for my anger.

This past weekend we started the process of buying a new vehicle.  I have 3 children and I drive a 2 door Cobalt.  Not exactly the best thing to be hauling around a family of 5 in.  We put a deposit on a new vehicle and have all the financial shit in place.  Good right?  I thought so until Tuesday morning.  I needed to call the finance company for our Cobalt to get a payout statement.

I called GMAC the finance company to get things going.  It was kind of a pain in the ass but I did manage to get the statement.  Later on in the day we received a call from the salesman who sold us our car, I will call him DumbAss. DumbAss was doing his "why are you getting rid of the car" phone call.  I plain out told him that 3 growing children do not fit well in the back seat of a teeny-tiny car (I might as well put wheels on Ryleigh's carseat).  He asked what we were buying to replace our car.  Well it is not a GM vehicle.  I explained that we have looked at our options with GM and they are just not good enough and do not have exactly what we want.

Long story short, DumbAss commented about how it looked like it would be too expensive for us to buy out of our lease.  Exsqueeze me?  Begga pardon?  When the fuck did you become my personal banker?  How the fuck do you know what it is or isn't too expensive for me?  What is it about me/my family lately that have all thinking that we are on the verge of ruling our own cardboard boxdom under a bridge, or living in a van....down by the river?

I know that the "friend" has heard me say, on more than one occasion, that I cannot afford to do or buy something.  I should have been more clear with her and said that I am choosing not to do or buy something because....well, I am going to Florida, buying a new van, renovating my house, clothing my children, you get the picture.  Now, after I am finished doing all of these things I may be poor.  When that is the case I guess I can always call DumbAss the car salesman for financial advice.


Kyddryn said...

Don't you just hate it when people make assumptions like that? I'm often broke, but if I am making a purchase, it's because I can afford to. I don't use credit, prefer cash to a debit card, and don't buy on layaway or time or whatever the latest overcharge-the-consumer scam is. I wait until I have saved the dosh to buy outright or do without. So why do people think fiscally responsible = poor?

By the way, my mental image of five people in that tiny car was accompanied by the sound of circus music...

Cammy said...

Ugh - I wish I thought of Circus music!

It's all about trade offs - I don't understand why people don't get that. We're not going for a hot holiday this winter but we also don't have to drag the kids to daycare every morning because awesome husband is progressive enough to support us by staying home.