Friday, February 08, 2008

Out of the woodwork

This is not the post with pics that I promised but I am sure that you will get over it. :)

Often times when I am on Facebook I wonder to myself why some people request to be friends with me. There are girls that I went to high school with that are on my friends list but we never really were friends in school, we just knew of each other. I just accept them because....well....I can pad my friends list just like the next person. It doesn't do me or them any harm as I figure that they were padding with the initial request anyway. Over the last few day I have "collected" a few more friends. Again, not anyone that I have been laying awake at night wondering about.

I logged on the other night while my Dear Nathan was watching hockey (groan...when does football start again?) and imagine my surprise to find yet another friendship request. Only this time I damn near peed my pants when I saw who it was. Now let me just start by saying that this person was never my friend. In fact, she hated me. It might have had something to do with the fact that she once asked me if I ever had the chance would I sleep with her boyfriend and I said "uhhh....yeah". She didn't much like that but I figure if you don't want to know the answer don't ask the question.

So who is this person? Well it is none other than my Dear Nathan's crazy ex-girlfriend. Why the hell would she want to be friends with me? This is not the first time that she has tried to contact me either. When we living in Airdrie she somehow found out that we were there and called my house and left a message. I don't even think that she left her phone number she just called as if to say "I know where you live". It really was creepy. I think that the last time that they even talked to each other was 13 or so years ago.

I clicked onto her profile only to find that she had limited it. I looked at her friends list and found that she has no one else that we went to high school with on her friends list which made me wonder even more why the hell she was bugging me. My Dear Nathan did not get a friendship request from her. Why me? I left the request open for a day or so and then just ignored her because I just don't have the time or energy to deal with some crazy ex-girlfriend's weird curiosity. It was the first time that I ever ignored a friendship request. I am no longer a friendship rejecting virgin and it feels great!


Emma in Canada said...

What? You mean you didn't lay awake at night wondering if i would ask you to be my friend!? I am devastated.

That's a bit freaky with the ex gf. I would have ignored the request too. Did you know that if you don't accept or ignore it eventually just disappears?