Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Airlines = Suck

The long weekend is now over and the parental invasion has come to an end. I thought that today I could get back to my normal life, you know.....having a zillion things to do and about 5 minutes to do them. First on the list was to check email that has not been checked all weekend. Not that I get important emails or anything but dammit, I need to know where I can get cheap Viagra!

I opened up my email to find that I had 15 new messages. I scrolled through the free crochet magazine offers, Dummies e-tips and exclusive Safeway email direct offers only half-assed paying attention when I noticed SOMETHING IN BOLD CAPS (it does catch the eye doesn't it?). It said noreply@expedia.ca. I always pay attention when Expedia comes a-emailin' as it usually relates to my trip to Florida. The one which I have been counting down the days for since I booked it. The one that is in May that is the only thing keeping me sane. The trip that I risked my Dear Nathan's job for. You know the one I am talking about.

This email was not the email that I wanted to see from Expedia. It was in relation to our flight home. It related to an airline, which at this very moment in time is not in my good graces. It turns out that our flight from Orlando to Denver, Denver to Calgary has been cancelled. Nice. Great. Wonderful. Way to fuck up my dream trip Frontier Airlines. What the hell? Who cancels a flight this far in advance?

I have 2 options as according to Ali of Expedia. I can receive a full refund for our flight or I can wait to see what Frontier is going to do about all us po' people they just screwed over. If I take the refund it is not just for the flight but for my whole vacation package. They cannot just try to find me another flight...noooooo....that would make sense. I am finding that making sense was not in any airline's business plan.

I have decided to place the last shred of faith in air travel that I have in Frontier Airlines. I am hoping that they will put us on another, comparable flight from Orlando, preferably with only 1 lay over within the same 24 hour period that I will be leaving sunny Florida. I am having nightmares (and I am not sleeping so it is really bad) that we will have to fly from Orlando to Japan with layovers in Australia and say....the North Pole before landing in Calgary sometime in July.

Please, please, please....all those in blogland, keep your fingers crossed that Frontier or someone, anyone, comes through for me and our trip. We need to have a flight home so that I don't have to cancel my trip all together. If you know of someone with a pterodactyl that I can strap a seat and some luggage to, I would be happy to receive the pterodactyl's asking price. If it is good enough for Fred and Wilma, it will do for me too. At this point I figure this is more likely to happen than the airline straightening shit out.


Emma in Canada said...

You are really having no luck.

there must be a dozen of flights from Orlando to Denver every day, can they not get you on the before or after flight?

Though I've never heard of Frontier (not that I'm some world traveller), are they likely to be going out of business?

Rachelle said...

ok I am commenting!
can you not try and fine your own flight and pay the difference?

Cammy said...

Maybe you need to phone them and suggest they "Turn down the suck, turn up the good". Just a thought :)