Thursday, January 15, 2009


My Roo-baby can be very cuddly when she is in the mood for it.  Last night she crawled up onto my lap and was all cuddled in.  I asked her if she was going to love me that much when the new baby comes....her response?  "Nope".  

Darian then asked Roo is she was still going to love her, "yep", she will still love Darian.  Camryn, same thing.  She will still love Camryn.  And Daddy too, of course.  I asked if she will love the new baby, another affirmative.

"Are you still going to love Mommy?", just thought I would give her a second chance to change her mind...."nope".  Gotta love honesty.


Cammy said...

Aww - did you try fake-crying? That's what I'd do :)

dawn said...

Well, at least the honesty is always overridden by the fickle factor. Hope your appointment went well. Don't know if I could help with names because as you well know our kids have weird names. Here are a few of my cousins kids names; Caitria, Breesa, Abrienne, for girls and boys are Thaden (long A, but I think they spell it with two D's) and Keaton. Yeah my cousin and I are a bit alike with the odd names.